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Have you heard about our garden PODS, they are truly unique. Our objective was to make our garden space available to as many people as possible throughout the year, and according to many of our clients we have achieved that and more.


Within our fully decked garden space, are our 5 enclosed Pods, each Pod has personalised heaters, music and a service call button. So, should you and your friends be having a great time, rather than getting up for more drinks, one push of our service button will alert our staff in the bar that you need them. Now that is what we call real service.


Two of our Pods have now been fitted with personalised TV screens, so should you want to want to watch that special sporting or cultural event, you can with great food, great drink and your own front seat.


Our Garden Pods can be hired out for barbecues, parties, company functions or just a get together with family or friends.

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