The Greyhound – Perfect Food For Visitors to Kew Gardens UK!

January 31, 2012 Trackback Greedies Blog by Administrator

When you visit Kew Gardens UK, why not make a day of it and really explore the area? Kew and Richmond are delightful places to wander around and have so much to offer the visitor – including, of course, ‘The Greyhound with Greedies’ which is a charming pub and restaurant in keeping with the local ambiance


The Greyhound serves food all day long, including a classic brunch menu and of course a traditional English Sunday Roast. What could be more civilised than a leisurely visit to Kew Gardens UK followed by the perfect roast, with all the trimmings.


We’re not shy when it comes to blowing our own trumpet – because we know how much work and attention to detail has gone into our little village pub with big ideas! Spacious, contemporary and delicious, that’s what we’ve tried to make ourselves: and when you talk to our regular visitors, we think they’ll agree.